Lynn Myers Honored with the 2018 Annual Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Lifetime Achievement Award

published: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lynn Myers Honored with the 2018 Annual Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Lifetime Achievement Award

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On June 15, 2018, the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition (NGLC), Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska Environmental Trust hosted the 2018 Summer Grazing Tour in the northern Panhandle of Nebraska near Hay Springs. The event brought approximately 130 grazers, ranchers and government agency personnel together to learn more about successful grazing management practices in an area characterized by great diversity including the cool season grasses of the Pine Ridge and the Sandhills warm season native range. Attendees witnessed that proper grazing of forested areas after wildfire, native range, warm and cool season grasses and cover crops provides increased income for farm and ranch businesses, wildlife and bird habitat, vegetation diversity, increased water quality and quantity and improved soil health over time. The evening program featured a celebration of Lynn Myer’s contribution to Nebraska’s grazing community over the years.

Tippetts- Myers Ranch, located south of Ashby and north of Lewellen in the Nebraska Sandhills, was started as a homestead by Polly Tippetts in 1909. After four years she was finally able to "prove up". The ranch has evolved to house the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of the family. Current owners/ managers, Lynn and Marlene Myers, manage a commercial cow/calf herd consisting of Hereford and Hereford/ Angus cattle using carefully selected genetics to make the cow herd fit the environment, have easy fleshing ability, and produce high quality beef. The Tippetts-Myers Ranch has utilized a three- year deferred rotational grazing management program for nearly 35 years to maximize Sandhills warm season grass production with a sustainable system in a semi-arid environment. The system started in 1985 and has been flexible enough to fit various weather conditions resulting in increased diversity, vigor, and quality of native grasses. Lynn was one of the charter Board members of the NGLC. His early efforts resulted in the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Program which is a mentoring program enabling experienced grazers to share their knowledge with less experienced grazers.

Lynn recognized the need to create opportunities for the next generation of grazers and led the charge in the involvement of NGLC in regional Generational Transition Workshops stimulating greater thought process for the need for effective estate planning. Lynn also represents the western High Plains and Sandhills region on the Board of Directors for the national level Grazing Lands Coalition (NatGLC).

Lynn and Marlene Myers manage by the following statement:

“Ranchers practice good stewardship because they are the original environmentalists — people need to realize that ranchers take good care of the ground, because we live here.”

NGLC recognized Lynn Myers for these achievements and contributions to Nebraska’s grazing community by honoring him with the 2018 annual NGLC Lifetime Achievement Award. 

For additional information contact: 

Ron Bolze, Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition 402 321 0067 [email protected]

The Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition is an independent organization of ranchers, interest groups, and agencies whose mission is to collaborate on projects that improve the management and health of Nebraska grazing lands and ensure long-term stability of rangeland resources. The NGLC is funded through grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA and the World Wildlife Fund-US.

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