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Generational Transition Program Manager

published: Monday, May 10, 2021

NGLC is searching for potential applicants to fill a part time position focused on coordinating Generational Transition and assisting Ron Bolze, NGLC Coordinator.

The Generational Transition Program Manager (GTPM) will support the NGLC through implementation of its succession planning program. The manager will organize workshops and seminars as well as work with ranches in a mentorship capacity.  The GTPM will prompt and support ranchers in completing identified tasks, decisions, family tasks, and documents on their succession plan checklists. In addition, the GTPM will help ranchers identify barriers and suggest strategies for overcoming them. Under the supervision of the NGLC Executive Committee, the GTPM will be responsible for organizing workshops, enrolling ranchers into the program, connecting monthly with each client, coordinating the client's advisor team, track timelines, and ensuring the implementation and development of successful succession plans, to be completed over one year. This work accounts for 80% of a part-time position.

Additionally, the GTPM will also serve as the assistant to the NGLC Coordinator performing duties as assigned/as needed to coordinate and promote NGLC activities across Nebraska. This work accounts for 20% of the part-time position. 

For a more complete job description, as well as information on how to apply, please visit the complete job description here. 

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