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National Grazing Summer Tour

Exploring the Nebraska Sandhills

published: Thursday, February 13, 2020

National Grazing Summer Tour

The Nebraska and National Grazing Lands Coalition Grazing Tour is June 14-16, 2020, starting in North Platte, Nebraska and then touring the Nebraska Sandhills.

View this year's schedule and registration (due April 15) here:


The three-day bus tour will focus on educating participants on the value of good grazing lands management to the environment, the importance of native habitats in Nebraska, the influence of the Ogallala aquifer on the ecosystem, how we can better manage our natural resources to improve our water and air quality, and the economics of rural areas.

Three evening presentations, meals for 2 1/2 days, and hotels are included with registration. Networking opportunities abound to connect with producers from across the nation.

Western Nebraska includes six different grasslands ecosystems with the largest being the Nebraska Sandhills. The Nebraska Sandhills is the direct recharge zone for the Ogallala Aquifer that serves 11 states for ground water.

This tour will highlight grazing management, diversified ranch operations and the ever-increasing issue of transferring the ranch operation to the next generations.

Tour stops include:

Connealy Angus

Rex Ranch 

Gudmundsen Research Ranch

Niobrara Valley Vineyards

Shovel Dot Ranch

Gracie Creek Ranch

Switzer Ranch and Calamas Outfitters

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