With research collaboration with institutions of higher learning, the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition does not provide funding for indirect costs such as facilities and administration.

Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Board of Directors

Tim Kalkowski
Tim Kalkowski, Chairman
Kalkowski Ranch 1916 Devonshire Dr.
Lincoln, NE 68506-1610 (402) 488-5292

Tim Kalkowski is a Vice President and Agricultural Loan Officer of the First State Bank of Hickman. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking-Finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln after attending Rock County High School in Bassett, his childhood home. He helps manage the family ranch in Boyd County, Nebraska.

He is a member of Nebraska Cattlemen and has served as co-president of the Seward / Lancaster Affiliate of the Nebraska Cattleman's Association. He has also served on the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board. He is involved in church youth programs and as a youth baseball coach. He is married and has a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter.


Vern Terrell Vern Terrell, Vice Chairman
Terrell Ranch 4412 436th Trail
Hay Springs, NE 69347-4198
(308) 232-4408

Vern and his wife, Marjean are involved in a diversified farm/ranch operation with his brother, Terry, and their sons, Brock and Seth and their wives. Vern is a Nebraska LEAD graduate and has attended the Nebraska Ranch Practicum, which he feels is an important learning experience for any grass and cattle manager. He is a member of Nebraska Cattlemen, Sandhills Cattlemen and Nebraska Farm Bureau as well having served on numerous boards.

Vern stated that "Whether it is our own pasture or our rented pasture, we feel it is our responsibility to improve the stand and quality. NGLC has programs to help educate us to meet these goals. We use different grazing methods on each place depending on water, number of pastures and condition of the grasses."

Beau Mathewson
Beau Mathewson, Treasurer
RGM Corporation, 2487 Road 89, Potter, NE 69156-6625

(308) 254-4802

Beau Mathewson is a third-generation grassland manager. Upon completing a BS in Agricultural Business from the University of Wyoming in 2004, he came back to the cow-calf and farming operation his grandfather and father amassed. Beau and his father have made many water and grazing improvements since that time on their expansive Panhandle ranch. Beau is a member of the Sidney First United Methodist Church, where he serves as a Youth Group leader. He thoroughly enjoys the ranching lifestyle, even in his admittedly limited free time. Biking, shooting, and hiking are some of the ranch-related hobbies he enjoys. Beau also enjoys reading and writing prose.

A Beau quote: "I believe that grasslands are by far the most ecologically stable and sustainable resource on the planet. I believe that education, proper management practices, and public education and advocacy are the most valuable tools for preserving this natural resource."


Rod Christen Rod Christen
Board Member

Rt. 1, Box 62
Steinauer, NE 68441

Rod Christen is the third generation of his family to ranch and farm on their place near Steinauer, NE. He and his family run cow-calf pairs and feeders, finish cattle for direct marketing, and raise their own seedstock through artificial insemination. The Christens own and rent pasture and farmground and have a rotational grazing system that includes winter grazing. They also raise corn, beans and wheat on rotation.

Rod has been involved with NGLC since 2005, and is also active in the Southeast Nebraska Grassland Association; Southeast Nebraska Cattlemen, where he served as past President; and the Nebraska Cattlemen, including being "Pit Boss" at Beef Pit at State Fair and serving as one of three NE Cattlemen representatives on the NE Land Trust Board.

Rod has been married to his wife, Amy, for 14 years. They have two daughters, Dana, 7, and Leah, 3, and a son, Evan, 5 months old. Rod said he feels NGLC is especially important to protect our rare tall grass prairie resource as well as other grasslands. "I feel the best way to manage conservation and sustainability is through grasslands; which is being threatened more and more by mismanagement and row crops. I choose to be involved because I feel it is a responsibility as a land owner and farmer/rancher to help protect this way of life and sustainable resource for future generations."

Harlow Hill

Harlow Hill
Maddux Cattle Co. 33955 745 Rd
Wauneta, NE 69045-6521
(308) 882-4002

Harlow Hill, a native of Alliance, NE, was the typical "city kid" until middle school when he started working on the John Frieberger Ranch. He worked there as much time as possible until joining the U.S. Marine Corp. in 1967. Harlow received an honorable discharge in 1968 and attended the University of Nebraska School of Technical Agriculture at Curtis graduating with a degree in Agricultural Production in 1971. He spent a short time working at the University of Nebraska Scotts Bluff Experiment Station then returned to work on the Frieberger Ranch.

In September 1978 Harlow was hired by Maddux Cattle Co. in Wauneta, NE. and has been a leader in their grazing management systems since it was instituted 32 years ago. Through the years he has done appraisals on their grass utilization and has been a local leader in getting neighbors to establish grazing management systems. Harlow also has shared his knowledge by serving on panels and making presentations at a number of grazing management meetings. He has brought many changes to the Maddux grazing system and subscribes to the belief that grazing management is a dynamic program that requires constant updating and change. Harlow and his wife Barb have three children and three grandchildren.

Jon Immink Immink Ranch 57230 703rd Rd Endicott, NE 68350-3005 (402) 442-2234 iclambs@gmail.com

Lynn Myers Lynn Myers
Board Member
20720 Road 100 Lewellen, NE 69147

Lynn is currently a board member of the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, and has been involved with the organization for "way too darn many years," he says, basically since the inception of the group. Lynn grew up on a family farm and ranch and he and his wife, Marlene, now own and manage her family's place, which was homesteaded in 1907 and proved up in 1909, making this the 100th year of ownership of this ranch. They also own and lease additional land in their cow-calf operation.

Both of Lynn's children are still involved in the ranch partnership. Although they don't currently live on the ranch, they return to help when they can. Son Creston is an optometrist and lives in Alliance, and daughter Carissa (married name Arnold) lives in Cozad and is a doctor of physical therapy. Lynn was previously involved in the Nebraska Cattlemen, and has also been secretary/treasurer of his local fire district for 35 years. Lynn says, "I think it's awful important that we take care of our resources. One of our goals is to always leave it in better shape than what it was when we took over.The people in this industry are the most production minded in the world. Most of us do such a good job at production; but we are the worst at marketing. That's why we have so many problems with environmentalists; we haven't promoted what we've done. Much of this land would not be in such good of shape if we hadn't done what we have.

"We can't continue to sell what we offer for below cost. People will pay unlimited amounts for recreation, but won't pay for food. We are the only industry that has to pay retail for all our inputs, then take less than wholesale for what we produce. I don't want to ranch 'just for the experience' — I have enough experience at this point. I want to get paid what our products are worth. "I want to try to promote good stewardship because we are the original environmentalists — people need to realize we take good care of the ground, because we live here."

Wayne RasmussenWayne Rasmussen
Giop Livestock 86331 535 Ave
Plainview, NE 68769

Wayne has been involved in the livestock industry all his life. He brings a little different perspective to the Nebraska Grazing Land coalition. Wayne comes from a part of the state that has both an abundance of row crop farming, and yet there is great potential in grass production. He has a strong desire to steward the land and the livestock that he is the primary care giver of.

Wayne has attended short courses at the University of Nebraska and is a graduate of the Nebraska LEAD program. He has graduated from: Ranching for Profit, livestock handling schools, and holistic management training. He has attended many seminars to continue his education and further his understanding of the land and the livestock that graze our prairies. He is currently the founder of the Grassfed Exchange which is now in its 3rd year of promoting, educating, developing strategies, and improving genetics for his fellow producer.

Wayne firmly believes there is tremendous untapped potential in the grasslands of Nebraska. Wayne has stated " The resources of grass, water, and sunlight are waiting for us to release their full potential into a further processed product of higher economic value. That, at the same time, is healing our land and conserving our other natural resources."

Paul Swanson Paul Swanson
Board Member 5155 W. 12th St.
Hastings, NE 68902

Paul serves as a board member of the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition and has been involved with the organization since the late 1990s. He is an organic farmer and works to utilize grazing for soil improvement. Paul also serves as a board of director for the Center for Rural Affairs and is a member of the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society, Holistic Management International and Practical Farmers of Iowa. He is married with two adult children.

Paul says, "Proper grazing management offers our greatest opportunity to regenerate worn out soils and improve better soils."

Brock Terrell Brock Terrell
Board Member
4397 430th Ln, Hay Springs NE 

Broc worked for the Rex Ranch after college and learned holistic management. Today he manages his family's cow-calf and yearling operation in central Sheridan county where he uses holistic principles. Broc wants to share what he's learned and learn from those that have the experience to help his generation of managers continue the excellence.

Broc says, "I believe that grasslands are the most sustainable resource in the world and should be utilized and improved with good management by good managers. I want to help promote the good management." Broc is married to Heidi and they live in Alliance, NE.

Mike Wallace Mike Wallace
Double M Ranch 3736 Road V Nelson, NE 68961-8727
(402) 225-2041

Mike and Fran Wallace own and operate the Double M Ranch, a multi-species (sheep-cattle-goat) pasture based operation near Nelson, Nebraska. They utilize year-round grazing, pasture lambing/calving in May/June, wintering stock on stockpiled standing forage with minimum use of mechanically produced-harvested-delivered feedstuffs. The use of multispecies grazing allows them to sustainably capture increased stocking rates, improved animal performance, diversity of income, and, improve the native range and introduced pastures.

Mike was born and raised on a dairy farm near Oregonia, Ohio, served in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam, received a BS in Agricultural Science from Wilmington College in Ohio, an MS in Agriculture from the University of Kentucky and worked five years as an Animal Scientist for the University of Illinois at the Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, Simpson, IL. Since 1978 he has been the Sheep Operations Manager at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center near Clay Center, Nebraska where he also works closely with programs to improve the use of the Center's pasture and forage resources. Mike is past president and director emeritus of the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association.


Ryan SextonRyan Sexton
Board Member

37027 W. Anderson Bridge Road, Kilgore, NE 69216
(402) 389 1671

Ryan Sexson and his wife Jamie lease a small ranch south of Nenzel, Nebraska.  They own a portion of the cow herd and take in cows on shares.  They also custom calve some heifers and cows.  Ryan worked at the Gudmendsen Sandhills Lab near Whitman, NE for three years.  He attended a Holistic Resource Management course while working for the Rex Ranch as well as a Bud Williams stockmanship class along with several other educational seminars and classes.  He has also been through the Ranching for Profit class.  

Ryan and Jamie are using what they have learned to build a successful ranching operation that they hope to pass on to their 3 children, Rylie, James and Addie.  Ryan and Jamie were born and raised in the Sandhills and have a passion for ranching.  Both of them have been told numerous times that there is no future in ranching, however, they have found that statement anything but true.  Legacy is important to both of them, and they have concentrated on building relationships and gaining knowledge in order to develop a sustainable business to pass to their children if they desire to follow in their parents’ footsteps.  Ryan hopes to have some knowledge and ideas that can help others, particularly those that have a desire to start their own operation.  

Ryan and Jamie concentrate heavily on a “holistic” approach to everything in their lives, not just ranching.  The holistic approach helps with problem solving.  Whether it is grazing, budgeting or family time, Ryan and Jamie attempt to make it all work together.


Tyler Greer

Tyler Greer
Board Member
Cell: (402)-760-1880
Home: (402)-387-1509

Tyler Greer was raised on a ranch near Hyattville, Wyoming.  He began raising cattle at the age of 14 and spent many hours in the saddle alongside his family, rotational grazing cattle in the Bighorn Mountains.  He attended Casper College and the University of Wyoming where he obtained a B.S. in Agricultural Business.  Since graduating, Tyler has expanded his knowledge by attending many classes/seminars/conferences, ranging from Ranch for Profit, to Steve Cote Stockmanship, to Bud Williams Marketing.  

In 2010, Tyler and Amber and their 4 children moved to the Sandhills of Nebraska where Tyler began working as the manager of Rusty Star Cattle Company.  Tyler, as well as Rick and Dana Marshall, the owners of RSCC, believe in and are committed to the principles of holistic management of the ranch.  They run Red Angus cattle with minimal inputs, as well as custom graze a summer yearling mob.  Mob and rotational grazing are utilized on the ranch year round.


Vaugh HinrichsVaugh Hinrichs
Board Member

6634 Road TU, Belvidere, NE 68315
(402) 469-9732 - cell
(402 353-4585 - home

Vaugh Hinrichs and his wife Vicki and have been involved in farming and ranching in Thayer county, NE all of their lives except while Vaugh served in the US Army.  They have four children who have grown up having midwestern values.  They also have 5 grandchildren.

Vaugh and Vicki are also members of the Thayer County Livestock Feeders which happens to be the largest feeders group in Nebraska and also a member of the National Cattlemen Beef Association.  Vaugh has always practiced low stress cattle handling and has been instrumental in bringing Curt Pate to numerous grazing educational events across Nebraska.  Vaugh believes that a close connection exists between how cattle are handled and how grasslands and water resources are managed. One of Vaughn’s greatest joys is riding horseback through effectively managed grasslands checking cattle.

Vaughn’s goal is to leave the grazing lands in better condition for future generations through common sense management of the grass and water resources.

Sheila Luoma
Sheila Luoma
Board Member
Sheila Luoma and her Husband Kris operate a cow calf operation in Greeley and Wheeler counties. Their operations main focus is on raising high quality replacement cattle that are adapted to their environment. Sheila worked for the Natural Resource Conservation Service as a range and resource conservationist for 32 years. Sheila is a member of the Society for Range Management. Sheila believes in range management and the importance in public awareness of livestock in protecting this natural resource.


Dale AndersonDale Anderson
Board Member
308-432-5285 (cell)

Dale Anderson is a fourth generation rancher, in the rolling Pine Ridge area of northwest Nebraska, on land homesteaded by his great-grandfather in the 1880’s. Their current operation is based on Angus cattle & dryland hay production.  Recent conservation practices include cross-fencing, well and pipeline development, planting shelterbelts, dam reclamation, timber management, and related range improvement practices.
Dale is a member of the Masonic fraternity, American Legion, outdoor organizations, Farm Bureau, and Immanuel Lutheran Church in Chadron, NE.  He currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the Dawes County Rural Fire Board.
Dale married Pamela Bowen, in 1972, after graduating from college with a BS in Earth Science and History.  After a summer at the Hudson-Meng archeological site, he entered the Army, serving in Germany from 1973 to 1975. Dale and Pam then returned to join his parents on the home place.
They have three married daughters and six grandchildren. They are pleased that a daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are part of the family operation.
Dale is convinced that work, management, support from spouse and family, innovation and adaptability are keys to sustaining a business. The Grazing Land Coalition gives producers a platform for both innovation and adaptability.

Tyrell AndersonTyrell Anderson
308 778 7154 (cell)
308 778 5322 (work)

 Tyrell Anderson grew up mostly in northern Montana on the Double T ranch raising Stabilizer seedstock cattle as cooperators with Leachman Cattle Co. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree, he worked as an assistant ranch manager on the RO Cattle Ranch in Smokey Valley Nevada and then as the Farm manager at the Roaring Springs Ranch in Frenchglen Oregon. In 2013, he was accepted into the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, Master program in Kingsville Texas. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Ranch Management in May 2015 and now manages the Blue Creek Ranch near Oshkosh, NE  for Turner Enterprises Incorporated.

Ben BaileyBen Bailey
Phone: 308-762-3959
Cell: 308-760-2421

Ben Bailey was born in south central Idaho and moved to Nebraska with his wife Shelly in 1993.  They began working for Rex Ranch learning Holistic Management and sound grazing principles under Burke Teichert’s guidance.  He has attended several Holistic Management schools along with Ranching For Profit and Bud Williams Livestock Handling classes.

Ben is currently a foreman on the Pawlet unit and in charge of outside grazing and bred cow marketing.   He has been involved with the Nebraska Cattleman as well as the Sandhills Task Force for several years. 

Ben firmly believes that proper stock handling and grazing go hand in hand to enhance and improve the quality of both, cattle and soil.
Ben and his wife have three children Brandi, Shanna, Monte.

Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Advisors

Bob Broweleit Bob Broweleit
Advisor, Sandhills RC&D PO Box 28
Mullen, NE 69152

Bob Broweleit is the Sandhills Resources Conservation and Development Coordinator at the USDA-RC&D office in Mullen. Prior to his USDA appointment, he worked for the Kansas State University Cooperative Extension in Phillips County Kansas and for the University of Nebraska Animal Science Department. While at UNL, he earned a B.S. in Agronomy 1983 and a Master's Degree in Range Management in 1998. Bob has served on various agency committees and assisted the implementation of numerous RC&D projects. He is also a cow-calf herd owner and partner in his family ranch, Bent Bar C Cattle Company. Bob has been involved with NGLC since 2008.

Brent Plugge Brent Plugge
Advisor, UNL Extension 1400 East 34 St.
Kearney, NE 68847 308-236-1235

Brent serves as a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension educator based out of Kearney, Neb., with a focus on livestock production systems. In this capacity he also serves as an advisor to the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, and has been involved with the organization since 2000.

Brent is married to Tami, who works at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, and has three children — two are currently attending college at the University of Nebraska, and a 5-year-old who he says "takes up most of our free time." Brent is also involved with the Nebraska Cattlemen. Brent says he "has a strong commitment to the stewardship of our natural resources. In addition I enjoy educating producers involved in agriculture. Sound science-based information coupled with sound experience can have an impact on our industry."

Jerry Volesky Jerry Volesky
Advisor, UNL 402 W. State Farm Road
North Platte, NE 69101

Jerry D. Volesky is the Range and Forage Extension Specialist for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and works out of the West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte. He serves as advisor to the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, and has been involved with the group for 10 years.

Jerry says, "The Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition is a unique organization that has grassland managers and producers as the stakeholders. It provides a great forum for exchange of ideas, information and education on the sustainable and profitable management of grasslands." Jerry is also involved with the Society for Range Management, previously serving as president of the Nebraska chapter; the American Forage and Grassland Council; and the West Central Weed Management Area. Jerry is married to Teresa and has one son, Nicholas.


Merdith BremerMeredith Cable
Cell: 402-741-0833

Meredith Bremer  works for JKS Farms North of Kearney.  She was originally from a 250 head cow/calf, 2000 head feedlot, and row-crop farming operation near St. Edward, NE.  Meredith attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition.



Bethany JohnsonBethany Johnson
Central Sandhills Area Extention Office

Bethany is currently an advisor for the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Board.  She grew up on purebred Angus ranch (very far from anywhere) in the eastern Sandhills.  She attended a rural one-room school (yes, they still existed then), before heading to Burwell to high school.  After attending UNL for food science and later meat science, Bethany has worked for Nebraska Extension in the Central Sandhills Area for the last ten years.  Her high school ag teacher fueled her passion for healthy rangelands, especially in her native Sandhills.  She and her husband live on his family ranch near Thedford, with their daughter.


Mitch StephensonMitch Stephenson
Work: (308)632-1355
Cell: (307)321-5827

Mitch Stephenson grew up in the Nebraska Sandhills and central Wyoming. He received a B.S. degree in Animal Science from BYU-Idaho and a M.S. degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Range Science where he evaluated the effect of rotational grazing methods and time of grazing on livestock performance and vegetation characteristics in the eastern Nebraska Sandhills.

Following his time at UNL, Mitch worked as a rangeland ecologist in Wyoming and Nevada where he assisted livestock producers in developing sustainable grazing management plans and range vegetation monitoring reports. He completed his Ph.D. in Range Science in December 2014 from New Mexico State University where his research focused on targeting cattle grazing with low-stress herding and low-moisture block protein supplement and evaluating factors that affect cattle grazing distribution behavior, grazing site selection, and social association patterns..

Following his Ph.D., Mitch worked with the University of Nevada -Reno as a Post-doctoral researcher evaluating the use of livestock grazing as a tool to reduce invasive annual grass biomass on a landscape scale. Mitch is currently a Range and Forage Extension Specialist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln based out of the Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff, NE.


Jack Arterburn


Jack Arterburn is the Beef Systems Extension Educator for northwest Nebraska. He grew up in Sidney, Nebraska, spending a large portion of his childhood in the outdoors hunting, camping, and fishing. Jack attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he was involved in the Wildlife Club and Range Management Club. During his senior year, Jack was awarded a UCARE grant to conduct a pilot study on the impact of wildfire and grazing on Sandhills grassland. Upon earned a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife focused on habitat management and minors in Grassland Ecology and Management and Grazing Livestock Systems, Jack was offered a Graduate Assistantship to lead a more rigorous field study to assess resilience and heterogeneity following fire in the Sandhills. He completed his master’s degree in August 2016 and accepted the Extension Educator position serving Box Butte, Dawes, Sheridan, and Sioux Counties. He currently lives in Chadron with his wife, Emily, and son, Cogan.


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