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Radio spots are aired every Wednesday on 11:51 a.m. CT on KRVN and 11:54 a.m. MT on KNEB.  The topics: all things grazing!

The GrazeNebraska website includes archived radio spots and links to more information and research.

Listen to archived recordings:

December 2017

December 22nd: "Crop Residue Exchange"  by Dr. Mary Drewnowski, UNL Assistant Professor and Beef Systems Specialist

-For more Information on the Crop Residue Exchange click on the following link! 


December 27th: Harvest Efficiency by Dr. Mitch Stephenson, UNL Range and Forage Specialist

- Using Forage Harvest Efficiency to Determine Stocking Rate

January 2018


January 17th - Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension, Winter Tetany in the Cow Herd


January 24th - Bethany Johnston, Nebraska Extension, 2018 Women in Ag Conference

January 31st - Meredith Cable, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, Grazing Record Spreadsheet

February 2018

February 7th - Meredith Cable, NCTA, 3rd Trimester Supplementation

February 14th - Heidi Hillhouse, UNL, Current Grazing Study

February 21st - Kevin Ellison, World Wildlife Fund, Grassland Birds

February 28th - Beau Matthewson, NGLC Executive Board, Winter Grazing


March 2018


March 7th - Bethany Johnston, Nebraska Extension, Grazing Lease Agreement

March 14th - Heidi Terrell, Terrell Farms, Grazing Records

March 21st - Jim Jansen, Nebraska Extension, 2018 Pasture Rental Rates

March 28th - Mitch Stephenson, Nebraska Extension, Harvest Efficiency 

April 2018

April 4th - Karla Jenkins, Nebraska Extension, Is My Spring Grass Ready for Growing and Calving Heifers? 

April 11th - Kristen Ulmer, Nebraska Extension, ENREC Cover Crop Conference

April 18th - 

April 25th - Mitch Stephenson, Nebraska Extension, Planting Perennial Grasses Under Dryland Conditions

May 2018

May 2nd - 

May 9th - Meredith Cable, NCTA, Trigger Dates for Drought Management Strategies

May 16th -

May 23rd - Meredith Cable, NCTA, 2018 Summer Grazing Tour

May 30th - Jace Stott, Nebraska Extension, Rotational Grazing

June 2018

June 6th - Meredith Cable, NCTA, 2018 Nebraska Grazing Conference

June 13th - Brad Schick, Nebraska Extension, Summer Annuals

June 20th - Dale Anderson, producer from Chadron, NE, Dam Restoration

June 27th - 

July 2018

July 4th - 

July 11th - 

July 18th - Jack Arterburn, Nebraska Extension, Common Mullein

July 25th - 

August 2018

August 1st - Marcus Eggleston, producer from Bertrand, NE, Nebraska Ranch Practicum

August 8th - 

August 15th - Dr. Mary Drewknowski, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Cover Crops for Fall Forage







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