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NGLC Rangeland Monitoring Program

Are you aware of the benefits of pasture monitoring, but aren’t sure where to get started?
We’re here to help.

About the program

The Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition developed the Rangeland Monitoring Program to provide on-site assistance for landowners who are ready to implement a pasture-monitoring system — but would like a little help getting started.

The NGLC Rangeland Monitoring Program is available to landowners and managers across the state on a first-come, first-serve basis for a low cost-recovery fee of $25 through support of the Nebraska NRCS and the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

The program incorporates both plant and soil monitoring and includes technical assistance, laboratory analysis and interpretation of data.

What is the process?

Participants will receive an initial on-site consultation and training session with an NGLC Rangeland Technician, as well as assistance in establishing one monitoring site and collecting samples. The goal of this session is to identify monitoring goals and provide the landowner with the equipment and skills to replicate and continue monitoring on additional sites.

With enrollment, participants will receive a professional monitoring kit that includes a clipping frame, grazing “exclosure,” scale, tape measure, clippers, clipping bags and a grazing stick — a $175 value.

The program will also coordinate laboratory analysis of plant and soil samples. Lab results will be provided to the participant, along with professional recommendations in management decisions based on the data.

As part of the enrollment, participants will agree to share their knowledge and experience — and help the program grow — by committing to help one additional rancher or landowner in their region set up a similar monitoring program.

Why should I monitor?

It’s hard to measure change – both positive and negative – without data. Monitoring is a key tool in evaluating progress toward rangeland management objectives. It can be used to gauge if rangeland health is being maintained or improved, to assess current grazing strategies, and to provide a record of environmental and resource conditions. 

A record of monitoring data can help in receiving assistance through many NRCS cost-share programs, and is required for enrollment in most emerging carbon credit programs.

Above all, ranchers and landowners who are dedicated to improving the quality of their grazing lands will ultimately see results in profitability, with economic and environmental changes that benefit the long-term sustainability of their business and the land.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to get started on a monitoring system, the NGLC Rangeland Monitoring Program is ready to help. Download the simple interest form below or contact NGLC Coordinator for more information.

NGLC will schedule a visit to your ranch or pastureland, and work with you as you build your program, get laboratory results, and help share your training through regional networks.

Rangeland Monitoring Program Brochure

Rangeland Monitoring Program Interest Form

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