With research collaboration with institutions of higher learning, the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition does not provide funding for indirect costs such as facilities and administration.

What is the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Network?

The Cowboy Logic Stewardship Network is a program to develop the exchange of ideas and successful practices in ranching, grazing lands management and conservation.

Administered by the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Network offers a list of ranch owners and managers who have been nominated by their peers for successful work in conservation and stewardship, and who have volunteered to provide guidance and council to interested individuals — including other ranchers, farmers, landowners, agency personnel, or youth and college students. While these stewards are the first to admit they don’t know all the answers, they are willing to share their experiences in the business and share perspectives.

With the goal of creating long-term working relationships, mentorships, internships or exchanges between participants and these established stewards, the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Network is open to anyone who wants to get involved, learn from others and share ideas.
The list of established Cowboy Logic Stewards always has room for willing participants. If you know of someone who should be included, contact the NGLC Coordinator to nominate him or her.

How can I benefit?

The opportunity of an “open door” to work side-by-side and learn from successful conservation leaders and business managers is invaluable in today’s society.
Participants involved with the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Network have gained knowledge and insight from working with established, successful ranchers and landowners, and developed relationships that have lasted for years. In several cases, landowner participants have developed “exchanges” where they routinely visit each other’s operations to observe, ask questions, and share ideas about management and stewardship practices. Both parties say they have greatly benefited from observing other operators and from explaining their own practices to someone else.
NGLC will reimburse partial expenses for participants involved with the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Network, including mileage and travel expenses for steward exchanges, as well as limited conference registrations. Funding is not guaranteed, and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cowboy Logic Brochure
Cowboy Logic Application and Reimbursement Form

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